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Various Peak Shaving Switchgear up to 15,000 volts.

"Cogeneration" or "peak shaving" refer to operating your generators in parallel with the utilty grid, either momentarily or for long periods of time.  While paralleling switchgear design is more complicated and requires the use of more intricate controls, its use is actually quite simple from an operator's point of view- as long as it is designed properly.  That's where the field experience of our engineering staff comes in.  Our engineers log hundreds of hours each year on field startups, training, and preventative maintenance programs.  We know your operators' questions (and fears).  We go to extremes to make our systems easy to operate as we realize that with today's down-sizing practices, most operators have many other duties to perform and do not deal with the generator switchgear on a daily basis.  Please picture the following scenarios:

Case I: (You're running a critical process that cannot be interrupted, but there's a big storm approaching.)

Solution:  Place our System Test Switch in the "Storm Anticipation" position.  The generators will automatically start and parallel with the utility grid.  The generators will "softly" begin to load up until they have taken all of the plant load from the utility (15-120 seconds).  When there is no current flowing through the utility breaker, it will be tripped open.  The generators are now running the plant.  When the storm has passed, place the System Test Switch back to the "Normal" position.  The generators will synchronize back to utility and again "softly" unload back to it.  Once the generators are unloaded, they will trip off-line and cool down.

Case II: (Your company is incurring a hefty demand charge from your utility company during the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.  However, your generator system is under-sized or is powered off of natural gas and can't easily handle the large inrush currents associated with your normal operations to be run isolated from the grid without some form of load shedding.)

Solution: With our 365 day time clock, your generators will automatically start and parallel with the utility grid.  The generators will begin to "softly" load up until they have taken as much as they can (without over-loading) or all of plant load from the utility.  The generators either load up to a fixed KW level ("base load," if the generators can't carry the entire plant) or a constantly changing KW level to maintaining the utility at a low KW import level (peak shave) to minimize your utility bill. 

Key Benefits

  • Low and medium voltage switchgear up to 15,000 Vac
  • UL891, UL1558, and UL508A approved
  • Lower or eliminate your utility bills
  • "Bumpless" transfers to and from utility
  • "Soft" loading and unloading of generators increases life of system
  •  A 365 day time clock option automatically brings your generator system on-line during peak billing hours
  • Full emergency standby system is included

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