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Emergency Standby
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Single or Multiple Engine Emergency Standby Packages.

When there is a utility outage, you need dependable emergency power right away.  ECI offers a wide variety of emergency standby equipment.  We even build a portable generator interface right in the switchgear as a backup to your backup generators.  This includes a fold-down trap door for temporary portable generator cables to allow the cabinet door to be locked with the cables in place.  Our typical emergency standby systems will detect the utility outage and open the utility mains.  We'll then issue a start signal to the emergency generators.  Once the generators are on-line, we'll transfer the plant loads over to them.  When the utility returns, we'll either synchronize the generators to the utility and parallel back (closed transition) or we'll open up the generator mains and re-close the utility mains after a neutral time delay (open transition).  Optionally, we'll include load shedding and restoring capability of the distribution feeders to remove non-critical loads from the emergency system in the event that the generators run into trouble.  If you have multiple generators and don't need all of them running to carry your plant, we offer an engine economizing option that will shut down unnecessary generators until the plant load increases enough to warrant their return.

Key Benefits

  • Low and medium voltage switchgear up to 15,000 Vac
  • UL891, UL1558, and UL508A approved
  • Open or closed transition return to utility
  • Full automatic and manual controls
  • PLC or relay based logic
  • Engine economizing option minimizes fuel usage
  • Load shedding of distribution feeders is an available option
  • Load bank controls can be added to the switchgear as an option
  • We work with single or dual-fuel, digester gas, natural gas, propane, diesel, turbine, induction

    Submit inquiries to eci@electricalcontrols.net or Phone: (309) 692-2500 or Fax: (309) 693-0527.


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